Cigar Smoking and Social Networking

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Combining your professional business passions and your love for a good cigar, just makes sense!

Yes, it might come as a  surprise to many, but I really appreciate a good cigar from time to time.

A couple of years ago I got my hands on some nice Cuban cigars (please don’t ask how) and shared them with a local group of Sarasota, Florida cigar lovers. From that point on, and as a member of a cigar club, it’s become a form of social networking for not only my personal life, but my professional life as an SRA Insurance appraiser also. 

Together, with a glass of red wine, preferably Seven Deadly Sins, a cigar can provide for an extremely relaxing time. The conversation flows easily and the daily treadmill of my work as an SRA Commercial Real Estate Appraiser is quickly forgotten.

When you discuss the the quality of the cigars with other enthusiasts,  instead the troubles of your workday, many times you are able add balance to your work and life.

Cigar smokers are a tight knit group who tolerate non-smokers, as long as they do not complain, and aren’t too keen on cigarette smokers, who are generally banned from good quality cigar clubs.

Over the years I combined my quality assurance process for my appraisal reports with my love for a good cigar. Monday and Wednesdays are usually my inspection days and the rest of the week are production days in my office. But the highpoint of the week is Friday or Saturday evening when I take my week’s production and proofread my reports over a good cigar.

Over time I noticed more and more young people who come to the club, bring their laptops, socialize and study for their exams over some cigars. It is a piece of culture you can bring your work to or vice versa. The only disadvantage is the extreme cigar smoke creeping into your clothes and files and folders. There is a dry cleaner for the clothes, but the files and reports will keep that distinct smell for a long time. A smell which, tells me many of my reports passed have passed a quality assurance procedure.

The next time you’re in the Sarasota-Bradenton Florida area and would like to sit for a while, contact me. If you need a great referral to start a wonderful new hobby, I can assist you there also!

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