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Operations During Covid-19 Situation

In News by Patricia Staebler

Dear Clients,

By now you probably have read dozens of messages in regard to our current situation. Therefore, we will keep it as short as possible:

Staebler Appraisal and Consulting will continue to operate as normal as possible. With the upcoming hurricane season in sight, we want to ensure our clients have appropriate insurance coverage. Also reserve studies are a vital and important part of any community and we will make sure to have your reserve study ready for your 2021 budget, regardless if it is a new study or an update.

For the foreseeable future we will implement the following:


For condominium building we will conduct external inspections only, limiting contact to residents. The interior built-out can be derived either from interviews with board members or managers and most likely we will be able to pull photos from the Realtor MLS system.

Clubhouses and commercial buildings in general will be inspected after appropriate arrangements have been made, such as providing key or fob access.

Documents, Blueprints, Files:

To limit hand-to-hand document exchange we prefer electronic submission. If electronic submission is not possible due to the size of a file or lack of cloud services, we can make arrangements or simply go with USPS.


Following government guidelines, we will attend meetings with appropriate distance between participants (50% occupancy or every second chair in a conference setting) and in a group not surpassing 10 people. However, for the coming weeks or maybe even months, we all should use audio or video conferences. We can assist in setting up Go-To-Meetings.

Our daily lives as individuals are interrupted, however, we want to make sure that your associations and communities continue to be insured and budgeted properly.

Call us anytime with questions or comments and know that we are here for you.

Best regards,

Patricia Staebler, SRA, RS


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